Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's about more than scholarships.

Recent coaching changes at major programs has made the national news circuit. These and other recent events have emphasized the need to seek out recruitment opportunities that are based on more than just scholarship offers. Coaches, even in the most seemingly stable situations can and do change. Program requirements vary. Some very prominent sports programs do not allow their student athletes to pursue particular majors due to team commitments. The day that the student athlete tries to declare their major is not the time to find out that it is not allowed according to the team agreement. Personal relationships between coaches/staff and student athletes can have an influential impact on the student athletes academic and athletic performance and opportunity.
All of this should reinforce the fact that having the right collegiate fit is an unquestionable benefit to the student athlete.
The best situation comes from introducing yourself to as many coaches as you can that fit your criteria and then to put in the time, effort, and research to learning about the schools, the coaches, and the programs. Going to whoever offers the most money increases the risk of ending up at a school, program, environment, or with a coach that does not best fit the student athlete.
The point of Athlete Recruiting Services is to have student athletes realize as many options as possible so that in the end they have multiple "great fit" college recruitment options. This may include a scholarship or a roster spot. But if the student athlete is comfortable and excited from the very first day on campus to their last, then their recruitment process was a success.

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