Friday, February 10, 2012

Push Yourself

It’s rare to witness someone truly achieving their potential. It is much easier to just do a little or just enough to get buy or be good enough. It’s difficult to dig so deep that it is all laid out and there is nothing left to give. That kind of effort is down-right exhausting and needs to be duplicated to maximize results. There is also the very real risk of complete disappointment in self if the effort doesn’t produce desired results.
The commitment and risk is absolutely worth it.
Almost everyone has made an effort at some time in their lives to better themselves. Be the person that tries again and again with so much personal drive and dedication that habits form and the effort becomes second nature. Be the one who doesn’t see failure or shortcomings but instead recognizes progress toward long held goals.
Believe in yourself and what you can overcome. Make excuses a thing of the past. You will become your efforts.

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